Deadline 5.2 User Manual

Repository Options


There are a wide variety of Repository options that can be configured. On Windows and Linux, these options were available in the Repository Setup Wizard that was launched after installing the Deadline Repository. However, all of these options can be modified at any time from the Deadline Monitor while in Super User Mode by selecting Tools -> Configure Repository Options.

Note that long-running applications like the Launcher, Slave, and Pulse only update these settings every 10 minutes, so after making changes, it can take up to 10 minutes for all machines to recognize them. You can restart these applications to have them recognize the changes immediately.

Client Setup

These settings affect the Deadline Client installed on each machine.

Monitor Settings

These settings affect the Deadline Monitor application on each machine.

Slave Settings

These settings affect the Deadline Slave application on each machine.


Wait Times

Pulse Settings




Web Service

Email Notification

SMTP Settings

Note that if you have SSL enabled, you may need to configure your Linux and OSX machines for SSL to work. The process for doing this is explained in Mono's Security Documentation.

Job Notifications

Repository Notifications

Error Reporting

Auto Configuration

This allows you to configure your Slaves from a single location. When a Slave starts up, it will automatically pull this configuration from Pulse and apply it before fully initializing. See the Auto Configuration documentation for more information.

User Security

User Security

Menu Item Permissions

Job Property Permissions

Job Settings

Job Scheduling

Failure Detection

Auxiliary Files

Extra Properties

Application Logging

Statistics Gathering



Mapped Paths

When using a mixed render farm, it is all but guaranteed that asset paths will be different each on operating system. In many cases, Deadline is aware of the paths being passed to the rendering application, so you can configure Path Mappings to swap out paths when appropriate based on the operating system. See the Cross Platform Rendering documentation for more information.

Note that the ordering of the path mappings can be a factor. For example, of you want to remap /Volumes/Assets/ and /Assets/, make sure to list /Volumes/Assets/ first, or else /Assets/ will match anything that /Volumes/Assets/ would have matched.

Mapped Drives

If your pipeline uses mapped drives on your Windows machines for network shares, you can configure Deadline to automatically map these drives before a Slave begins rendering. This is especially useful if Deadline is running as a service on your Slaves, as they may not be able to access these drives otherwise.

To add a new Mapped Drive, just click the Add button. Here you specify the driver letter you want to map to, and the path that needs to be mapped. You can also specify the credentials if required.

Script Menus

There are many scripts that ship with Deadline, and it's more than likely that you don't need to use them all, especially the submission scripts. Here, you can configure the contents of the individual script menus to only display what you use. Note though that these settings will affect all Monitors that connect to this Repository.

Remoting Software

Support for the following remoting software is integrated into the Deadline Monitor. See the Remote Control and Access documentation for more information.





Wake On Lan Settings

Deadline's Power Management uses Wake On Lan to wake up machines, and you can configure which port(s) the WOL packet is sent over. If no ports are listed here, Deadline will use port 9 by default.