Supported Image File Formats

Input File Formats

  • SEQUOIA can load the following image file formats using the Image Projection object:

PNG Portable Network Graphics

  • Supported extensions: .PNG
  • Pros PNG is compact, lossless, and supported by the majority of applications and on the Web.
  • Cons PNGs are usually larger than lossy JPEG files.
  • Notes It is recommended for storing high-quality images.

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

  • Supported extensions: .JPG .JPE .JPEG .JIF .JFIF .JFI
  • Pros JPEG can be compressed more to produce smaller files, at cost of quality. Ubiquitous.
  • Cons JPEG is uses lossy compression and quality can become an issue at high compression values.

TGA - Targa

  • Supported extensions: .TGA .TPIC
  • Pros TGA is lossless.
  • Cons Can be rather large.

BMP - Microsoft Windows Bitmap

  • Supported extensions: .BMP
  • Pros Ubiquitous on Windows.
  • Cons No compression at all, very large files.


  • Supported extensions: .EXR .SXR .MXR
  • Pros The standard in VFX pipelines, lossless by default, great compression and feature set.
  • Cons Not supported well by most image processing applications.

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format

  • Supported extensions: .TIFF .TIF .TX .ENV .SM .VSM
  • Pros Lossless, flexible.
  • Cons Files can be rather large.

HDR - Radiance High Dynamic Range

  • Supported extensions: .HDR .RGBE
  • Pros The standard for High-Dynamic Range image storage.

PSD - Adobe Photoshop Document

  • Supported extensions: .PSD .PDD .PSB
  • Pros The standard for desktop image processing.
  • Cons Proprietary file format of Adobe Photoshop.

CIN - Kodak Cineon

  • Supported extensions: .CIN

DPX - Digital Picture Exchange

  • Supported extensions: .DPX

RLA - Wavefront RunLength-Encoded

  • Supported extensions: .RLA

IFF - Interchange File Format

  • Supported extensions: .IFF .Z

SGI - Silicon Graphics

  • Supported extensions: .SGI .RGB .RGBA .BW .INT .INTA
  • Cons An ancient and obsolete file format from the dawn of computer graphics.

DDS - DirectDraw Surface

  • Supported extensions: .DDS
  • Note Used mainly for texture mapping in DirectX-based games.

Output File Formats

  • SEQUOIA can save the following subset of the above image file formats when baking a UV texture map during mesh export:
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • TGA
    • BMP
    • EXR
    • TIFF
    • HDR
    • IFF
    • SGI