Point Cloud Caching And Management


  • SEQUOIA requires that every point cloud file coming from another application or source is converted to the Thinkbox SPRT file format.
  • This enables fast adaptive and view-dependent point display, as well as faster data processing.
  • Meshing and processing of data that is not cached to SPRT first is not supported.


  • The SPRT file format is spatially-organized and lets SEQUOIA effectively access data from relevant areas as needed.
  • The SPRT file format is compressed and in most cases will be smaller than the original source file.
  • Once the source file has been converted to SPRT, it is not needed anymore and can be moved to storage or backup to free up disk space.

Two Ways To Convert To SPRT

  • SEQUOIA offers two major approaches to the Point Cloud file conversion:
    • The Point Loader object which manages the loading of a Point Cloud offers the option to Build an SPRT Cache.
    • The Batch menu of SEQUOIA offers a Convert Point Files dialog for mass-conversion of files to the SPRT file format.