Help Menu



  • The Help menu contains the link to this Online Help, as well as items for opening the Training Videos panel and the About dialog.


Online Documentation...

  • Opens the Sequoia documentation website in the default web browser.

Training Videos...

  • Opens the Sequoia Training Videos dialog.
    • The dialog provides linlks to online videos hosted on YouTube, as well as a link to the Sequoia YouTube Playlist.
    • An checkbox option to open the dialog on Sequoia launch is also available.


  • Opens the About dialog.
  • It provides two tabs:

About Sequoia tab

  • This tab shows
    • the name of the product,
    • the product version number,
    • the links to the Sequoia Website, Support Email and Support Forum, and
    • the copyright notice.

3rd Party Licenses tab

  • This tab contains a text field showing the content of the SEQUOIA_NOTICES.txt file located in the installation folder of the product.
  • It lists all 3rd party licenses for components used by Sequoia.