User Coordinate System Object


  • The User Coordinate System (UCS) object is a helper used mainly by the Mesher to define a custom origin and axes orientation for the meshing process.


  • A new UCS object can be created by
    • Clicking the 4th icon in the Create Objects toolbar.
    • Selecting New USER COORDINATE SYSTEM from the Create menu.
    • Pressing the default shortcut CTRL+ALT+U
    • Pressing ALT+C for Create menu, then U for New USER COORDINATE SYSTEM
    • Clicking the New button in the User Coordinate System rollout of a Mesher object
      • This will also automatically assign the new UCS object to the Mesher.
      • It will center the new UCS object to the point sources of the Mesher.

User Interface

  • The UCS object exposes only one rollout:

User Coordinate System Rollout


Name Field

  • The Name field shows the name of the selected UCS object.
  • The name is generated automatically in the form UserCoordinateSystemNNN, where NNN is an integer padded to 3 digits, starting and 1 and incremented with each new UCS creation.
  • The name can be edited by the user to better describe the purpose/function of the object.