Scripting 3D PDF Export


  • The following methods are exposed by the PDFCreator and “TexInstaller” objects implemented by the module Thinkbox.Sequoia.U3D
  • Before calling these methods, you must ensure the module is imported.
import Thinkbox.Sequoia.U3D 1.0

PDFCreator Methods

<u3d_export_params> PDFCreator.add_views ( <String>documentID )

<Bool> PDFCreator.is_tex_installed ()

  • Returns true if the MikTex package is installed, false if export cannot be performed because the prerequisites are missing.

<void> ()

  • Performs the saving.

<String> PDFCreator.get_tex_download_link ()

  • Returns the download link for the MikTex package.

TexInstaller Methods

<void> TexInstaller.install_tex ()


  • For a real-world example of these methods’ usage, please see the file (SequoiaInstallationFolder)/scripts/ui/U3dDialog/U3dDialog.qml