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Creating an IAM Policy


If you have not already created an AWS account, instructions for creating one can be found here: Creating An AWS Account.

First, log into the AWS Console using the aws account you created.

Click on ‘Services’ at the top of the AWS Console, and find the IAM section under Security, Identity and Compliance. Select Policies on the left dashboard.



Updating Your Policy - If you have previously set up AWS Portal and need to update the policy; search for AWSPortal, select it, and click ‘Edit Policy’ then copy and paste the policy below. This will automatically update your existing User.

Click ‘Create Policy’.


Then switch to the JSON Editor and copy the policy text into the textbox.


Click on the Review Policy button. Name the policy AWSPortal and add a description if you’d like. Click on ‘Create Policy’ in the bottom right hand corner to finish the creation process.


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