If you’re new to AWS Portal we recommend starting here. If you’re new to Deadline we recommend starting here.

Connecting to the AWS Portal Worker Instances

If you would like to connect to your AWS Portal Worker instances for troubleshooting purposes use the following steps depending on what operating system you are connecting from and the operating system of the AWS Portal Worker Instance.

Every Operating System

Your AWS Portal Worker must have an SSH keypair associated with to be able to access it. You can select which keypair to associate with your Spot Fleet when you start it. When starting a Spot Fleet Request ensure that you have selected Use Key Pair. From the adjacent drop down menu you can choose any key pair that’s in your AWS account in the same region as the Spot Fleet Request. We recommend using the DashKey as you don’t have to do anything to set the DashKey up. The following instructions will assume you are using the DashKey.