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Spot Fleet Request Fails to Start

What Went Wrong

A Spot Fleet Request’s Status is error.

Figuring Out What Went Wrong

In the Spot Fleets portion of the AWS Portal Panel in the Deadline Monitor, right click the Spot Fleet Request that’s in the errored state and select View Spot Fleet Information. Click on the row with the fleetProgressHalted status to determine what has gone wrong.


Here are solutions to some common problems.

Spot Limit Reached

This can happen when you try to start more Spot Fleet Instances in a region than are allowed in your account. Further reading on Spot Instance Limits

Maximum Price is Too Low

This can happen if the maximum price you provided when you created your Spot Fleet Request is lower than the Spot price of the cheapest instance type you selected. You can fix this by either increasing your maximum price or choosing cheaper instances. The Instance Types tab in the Spot Fleet Configuration dialog has the current Spot price for both Linux and Windows listed beside each Instance Type.