Deadline can be configured to notify Users when their Jobs finish, or if they have failed. In addition, Deadline can be configured to send notifications to administrators when certain events occur on the farm (e.g., when a Worker has stalled, or if a Worker is being shutdown by Power Management).

Email Notifications

Before Deadline can send email notifications, you need to configure the Email Notification settings in the Repository Configuration.


Job Notifications

Users can edit their User Settings to control whether or not they receive notifications for their own Jobs.


In order to receive email notifications, the user needs to set their Email Address setting and enable the Email Notification option. Note that email notifications will only be sent if the SMTP settings in the Repository Options are set properly, as mentioned in the previous section.

In order to receive popup message notifications, the user needs to have the Launcher running on their workstation, and have their workstation machine name specified in their User Settings.