Deadline Release Notes


This is a patch release for Deadline 7.0. It fixes a few important bugs that were discovered shortly after Deadline 7.0 was released.

A bug with how the Slaves updated their state in the database had a significant impact on database performance. In order to fix this bug, we had to change how the Slaves update their state, and as a result the Slave list in the Monitor will show that your Slaves are in an “Unknown” state until all your machines (Slaves, Monitors, Pulse, etc) are running Deadline 7.0.1. Once all machines are running the same version, the Slaves will appear properly in the Monitor again.

See the Deadline Release Notes for the full release notes.

Note that a 7.0 license is still required to run this version. If you have a license for Deadline 6.2 or earlier, you will need an updated license. In addition, the version of Draft that ships with Deadline 7 needs a new 1.2 license. If you have a license for Draft 1.1 or earlier, you will need an updated license.

Complete Release Notes

Monitor Improvements

  • Fixed some bugs in the Dependency panel in the Job Properties dialog.
  • When resubmitting a job from the monitor, you can no longer set the frames per task to 0, which results in an error during submission.

Slave Improvements

  • Fixed a bug with how slaves update their state in the database, which had a negative impact on performance.
  • The slave no longer prints out logging before and after each successful license checkout (errors are still printed out).
  • The slave no longer updates its state in the database a bunch of times when shutting down.
  • Reduced the frequency at which the slaves check if housecleaning needs to be done. Now, they only check at the same interval that Pulse would be performing the housecleaning operations, instead of before each task search.

Application Plugin Improvements

CommandScript Improvements

  • Fixed a syntax error in the CommandScript plugin.

Maya Improvements

  • Fixed a couple bugs that affected how the integrated submitter handled some VRay render elements.

Mental Ray Standalone Improvements

  • Fixed a syntax error in the MentalRay plugin.