Deadline Release Notes


This is the second patch release for Deadline 7.0, which fixes a few bugs, and adds support for Lightwave 2015.

See the following pages for the full release notes:

Note that a 7.0 license is still required to run this version. If you have a license for Deadline 6.2 or earlier, you will need an updated license. In addition, the version of Draft that ships with Deadline 7 needs a new 1.2 license. If you have a license for Draft 1.1 or earlier, you will need an updated license.

Complete Release Notes

Installer Improvements

  • The Repository installer now sets the version number correctly in the repository.ini file.
  • The submission script installers no longer create a rollback folder in the Repository folder.

Launcher Improvements

  • Fixed an error on Linux when checking how long the system has been idle in a headless environment.

Slave Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused the slave to report that it had a permanent license in some cases when it couldn’t check out a valid license.

Pulse Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a Primary Pulse from performing the Pending Job Scan on Linux and OSX.

Application Plugin Improvements

3ds Max Improvements

  • Fixed a bug for 3ds Max 2015 when checking the visibility of the SceneExplorer prior to rendering.

Cinema 4D Team Render Improvements

  • The C4D Team Render plugin now works properly with C4D 15 and 16.
  • Removed the security token file location options from the plugin configuration, since they aren’t needed.
  • The security token file is now created in the correct location on OSX.
  • Improved the error message that occurs if the security token file can’t be created (often due to permissions).
  • Moved the “Copy to Clipboard” button next to the security token field in the integrated submitter.
  • Increased the button widths at the bottom of the integrated submitter to fix some text cutoff issues.
  • If the security token is blank when submitting the job, it is now populated with the token that is automatically generated.
  • The Team Render submission script installer now supports C4D 16.
  • The security token can no longer be modified from the Monitor after the job has been submitted.

Combustion Improvements

  • Path mapping is now performed on the scene file path (if the scene isn’t being submitted with the job).

Lightwave Improvements

  • Added support for Lightwave 2015.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the integrated submitter from working with Lightwave 2015.

modo Improvements

  • Permissions are now set properly by modo submitter installer, which allows modo to recognize the Deadline submitter when loading.