Command Line

Job Submission

Arbitrary command line jobs can be submitted to Deadline that will execute the same command line for each frame of the job.

To submit arbitrary command line jobs, refer to the Manual Job Submission documentation. To submit from the Monitor, refer to the documentation below.


Submission Options

The general Deadline options are explained in the Job Submission documentation. The Command Line specific options are:

  • Job Type: Choose a normal job or maintenance job. A normal job will let you specify an arbitrary frame list, but a maintenance job requires a start frame and an end frame.
  • Executable: The executable to use for rendering.
  • Arguments: The arguments to pass to the executable. Use the Start Frame and End Frame buttons to add their corresponding tags to the end of the current arguments. See the Manual Job Submission documentation for more information on these tags.
  • Frame Tag Padding: Determines the amount of frame padding to be added to the Start and End Frame tags.
  • Start Up Folder: The folder that the executable will be started in. If left blank, the executable’s folder will be used instead.

Plug-in Configuration

The Command Line plug-in does not require any configuration.


How do I handle paths in the arguments with spaces in them?

Use double-quotes around the path. For example, “T:\projects\path with spaces\project.ext”.

Do I need to use the <QUOTE> tags?

These are only needed when submitting manually from the command line. When using the Monitor submitter, you can just type in the double-quote character in the Arguments field.