Draft is a tool that provides simple compositing functionality. It is implemented as a Python library, which exposes functionality for use in python scripts. Draft is designed to be tightly integrated with Deadline, but it can also be used as a standalone tool.

Using Deadline’s Draft plugin, artists can automatically perform simple compositing operations on rendered frames after a render job finishes. They can also convert them to a different image format, or generate Quicktimes for dailies.

Submitting Dependent Draft Jobs

When submitting jobs to Deadline through any of our integrated submitters, you now have the option to have Deadline create a dependent Draft Job once the submitted job is done rendering; this is where the Draft Event Plugin comes into play.


The options available here are similar to those discussed in the Draft Plugin section. Although it might appear as though there are less options here than in the Monitor submitter, all the same information will get passed to the Draft template. This approach just allows us to automatically pull a lot of the needed info directly from the scene file and from information filled in elsewhere in the submitter.


Since Draft is being shipped alongside Deadline, there is not a whole lot of configuration that is needed for this event plugin to work (beyond simply enabling it). There are, however, options that allow you to select the priority, group and pool to which the Draft event plugin will submit Draft jobs.

To access these settings, simply enter Super User mode and select Tools -> Configure Events form the Monitor’s menu. From there, select the Draft entry from the list on the left.


The Draft event plugin settings are:

  • Enabled: If this event plugin is enabled.
  • Draft Pool: The Group to which the Draft jobs will be submitted. If blank, the original job’s Group will be re-used.
  • Draft Group: The Pool to which the Draft jobs will be submitted. If blank, the original job’s Pool will be re-used.
  • Draft Limit: The Limit to which the Draft jobs will be submitted. If blank, no Limit will be used.
  • Priority Offset: This offset will be added to the original job’s priority, in order to determine the Draft job’s priority.
  • Draft Output Folder: The folder in which to put the Draft output, relative to the Draft input folder.