Salt (or SaltStack) is management system that can be used to keep applications and plugins synched across your render nodes. See the SaltStack Website for more information.

The Salt event plugin that ships with Deadline can be used to run a Salt update on a slave when it starts and when it becomes idle, thus allowing you to keep your render nodes in sync without interupting jobs that are currently rendering.

Note that Salt must already be configured to work outside of Deadline. Once your Salt system is set up, you can then enable the Salt event plugin for Deadline to automatically trigger Salt updates.


Some configuration is needed to use the Salt event plugin. To access these settings, simply enter Super User mode and select Tools -> Configure Events form the Monitor’s menu. From there, select the Salt entry from the list on the left.


The Salt event plugin settings are:

  • Enabled: If this event plugin is enabled.
  • Salt Exe: The path to the Salt Executable. Enter alternative paths on separate lines.
  • Logging: The level of verbose logging Salt will provide.