Cinema 4D Team Render

Job Submission

You can submit jobs from within Cinema 4D by installing the integrated submission script, or you can submit them from the Monitor. The instructions for installing the integrated submission script can be found further down this page.

To submit from within Cinema 4D, select Python -> Plugins -> Submit Team Render To Deadline.

integrated monitor

Submission Options

The general Deadline options are explained in the Job Submission documentation. The Cinema 4D Team Render specific options are:

  • C4D Version: Version of Cinema 4D to use (monitor submission only).
  • Render Client Count: The number of render clients (Deadline Slaves) to use.
  • Security Token: The “Security Token” that the Team Render application will use on the slaves (it will be generated automatically if left blank).
    • Generate Token: Pressing this button will generate a random 5 character length code.
    • Copy To Clipboard: Pressing this button will copy the contents of the “Security Token” field to the system clipboard for ease of pasting into C4D.


After you’ve configured your submission options, press the Reserve Clients button to submit the Team Render job. After the job has been submitted, you can press the Update Clients button to update the job’s ID and Status in the submitter. As nodes pick up the job, pressing the Update Clients button will also show them in the Active Servers list.

Cinema 4D’s Team Render Machines window will will also appear after pressing the Reserve Clients button, and will show you the Team Render machines that are currently available. Before you can render with them though, you must verify them by following these steps:

  1. Copying the “Security Token” from the submitter to the clipboard (use the “Copy To Clipboard” button).
  2. Right-click on each machine in the Team Render Machines window and select the Verify option, then paste the “Security Token” and press OK.

When you are ready to render, select the Team Render To Picture Viewer option in C4D’s Render menu to start rendering.

Plug-in Configuration

You can configure the Cinema 4D Team Render plug-in settings from the Monitor. While in super user mode, select Tools -> Configure Plugins and select the Cinema 4D plug-in from the list on the left.


Cinema 4D Options

  • C4D Team Render Executable: The path to the Cinema 4D Team Render Client executable file used for rendering. Enter alternative paths on separate lines. Different executable paths can be configured for each version installed on your render nodes.

Integrated Submission Script Setup

The following procedures describe how to install the integrated Cinema 4D Team Render submission script. This script allows for submitting Cinema 4D Team Render render jobs to Deadline directly from within the Cinema 4D editing GUI.

You can either run the Submitter installer or manually install the submission script

Submitter Installer

Manual Installation of the Submission Script

  • Copy [Repository]/submission/Cinema4DTeamRender/Client/DeadlineC4DTeamRenderClient.pyp to [Cinema 4D Install Directory]/plugins.
  • Restart Cinema 4D, and the Submit To Deadline menu should be available from the Python -> Plugins menu.


Which versions of Cinema 4D are supported?

Cinema 4D 15 and later are supported.

Error Messages And Meanings

This is a collection of known Cinema 4D error messages and their meanings, as well as possible solutions. We want to keep this list as up to date as possible, so if you run into an error message that isn’t listed here, please email Deadline Support and let us know.

Currently, no error messages have been reported for this plug-in.