License Forwarder


The License Forwarder is an application that acts as a license server for third party applications when using Third Party Usage Based Licensing. In order to use 3rd Party render time, at least one instance of the License Forwarder must be running and connected to the Repository, and Slaves must be able to connect to it.

Running the License Forwarder

To start the License Forwarder:

  • On Windows, you can start the License Forwarder by double clicking on deadlinelicenseforwarder.exe in the Deadline installed folder, usually under

    C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline[VERSION]\bin
  • On Linux, you can start the License Forwarder from a terminal window by running the deadlinelicenseforwarder script in the bin folder, usually under

  • On Mac OS X, you can start the License Forwarder from a terminal by running the DeadlineLicenseForwarder application in


where [VERSION] is the MAJOR release number of Deadline, such as 8.


The License Forwarder requires a valid certificate for each third party application that will be using 3rd Party render time. When the License Forwarder is launched for the first time, it will prompt the user to specify a path where these 3rd Party certificates can be located. Alternatively, the 3rd Party certificate path can be set manually in the Client Configuration.

You can also configure the License Forwarder through the command line using the -sslpath command line flag to set the 3rd Party certificate path. For example:

deadlinelicenseforwarder.exe -sslpath C:\3PL_Certs

License Forwarder can also be configured to automatically start and recover from a crash/shutdown via the Client Configuration ini file.

License Forwarder Redundancy

You can run multiple instances of the License Forwarder on separate machines as backups in case your Primary License Forwarder instance goes down. If the Primary License Forwarder goes offline or becomes stalled, another running instance of the License Forwarder will be elected as the Primary, and the Slaves will automatically connect to the new Primary instance.

License Forwarders Panel

The License Forwarders can be monitored through the Deadline Monitor with the “License Forwarders” panel. You can use this panel to check the state of the License Forwarders and to monitor their CPU and memory usage. Remote commands can be sent to License Forwarders through the right-click menu.