Deadline Scripting Reference
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBalancerInfoInformation about the current state of Balancer.
 CBalancerInfoSettingsA wrapper around the balancer's info and settings objects.
 CBalancerPluginWrapperThe BalancerPluginWrapper class
 CBalancerSettingsContains settings for the balancer.
 CBalancerStateStructA BalancerStateStruct holds a deep copy of all state information for consumption by a BalancerLogicPlugin. The BalancerStateStruct is strictly a value set, with no backward ties. The BalancerLogicPlugin is free to manipulate the struct for its own purposes if desired.
 CBalancerTargetStructThe BalancerTargetStruct indicates the ideal number of VM instances that should be running in each enabled Group of each CloudRegion. The BalancerTargetStruct is populated by a Balancer Logic Plug-in.
 CCloudRegionStructCloud region struct
 CCloudRegionTargetStructCloud region target struct
 CGroupRegionInfoStructGroup region info struct
 CGroupStructGroup struct
 CGroupTargetStructGroup Target Struct
 CJobStructJob struct
 CLimitStructLimit struct
 CSlaveStructSlave struct
 CTaskStructTask struct
 CCloudInstanceA simple class used to describe a Cloud Instance
 CCloudPluginWrapperThe managed wrapper for the python Cloud Plugins
 CGroupMappingUsed to represent the mapping between a Deadline Group and a Cloud OSImage and HardwareType
 CHardwareTypeA class used by Cloud code to describe hardware
 COSImageA class used to describe an OS Image, in a provider-agnostic way
 CDeadlineEventListenerThe abstract event plugin class, which is subclassed in the event plugin python script file.
 CAssetDependencyThe AssetDependency Class
 CBaseDependencyBaseDependency class
 CJobA job.
 CJobDependencyJob Dependency class
 COffsetDependencyOffsetDependency class
 CScriptDependencyScriptDependency class
 CTaskA task.
 CTaskCollectionA collection of tasks.
 CTaskPropertiesTask properties class
 CLimitGroupA limit group.
 CDeadlinePluginThe abstract render plugin class, which is subclassed in the plugin python script file.
 CFailRenderExceptionAn exception thrown to indicate that the Render has failed.
 CPluginConfigContains the configuration settings for a render or event plugin.
 CIdleShutdownOptionsThe idle shutdown options.
 CIdleShutdownOverrideThese are used to override the default idle shutdown settings.
 CMachineRestartOptionsThe machine restart options.
 CMachineStartupOptionsThe options for wake on lan.
 CPowerManagementGroupA class for storing a power management group.
 CPowerManagementOptionsA class for storing power management options.
 CThermalShutdownOptionsThe thermal shutdown options.
 CThermalShutdownSensorA class which represents a thermal sensor.
 CThermalShutdownThresholdA thermal shutdown threshold.
 CPulseInfoInformation about the current state of pulse.
 CPulseInfoSettingsA wrapper around pulse's info and settings objects.
 CPulseSettingsPulse settings.
 CJobReportCollectionA collection of job reports.
 CReportA report.
 CSlaveReportCollectionA collection of slave reports.
 CBalancerUtilsBalancer utility functions.
 CClientUtilsUtility functions for the Deadline client.
 CCloudUtilsUtility functions for controlling Cloud Instances
 CDirectoryUtilsDirectory utility functions.
 CFileUtilsFile utility functions.
 CFrameUtilsFrame utility functions.
 CJobUtilsJob utility functions.
 CMonitorUtilsUtility functions for scripts run from the Monitor.
 CPathUtilsPath utility functions.
 CProcessUtilsProcess utility functions.
 CPulseUtilsPulse utility functions.
 CRepositoryUtilsRepository utility functions.
 CSlaveUtilsSlave utility functions
 CStringUtilsString utility functions.
 CSystemUtilsSystem utility functions.
 CSlaveInfoInformation about the current state of a slave.
 CSlaveInfoSettingsHolds the SlaveInfo and SlaveSettings for a particular slave.
 CSlaveSettingsContains settings for the slave.
 CJobEntryHolds job statistics.
 CUserInfoA user.
 CMachineInfoContains information about the machine that a slave or pulse is running on.
 CManagedProcessA base class for managing a process.
 CRegexHandlerCallbackA regular expression callback class to handle lines of stdout.
 CTemperatureA class for storing a temperature.
 CEnvironment2Environment utility functions and properties.