Deadline Scripting Reference
DeadlineScriptDialog.DeadlineScriptDialog Class Reference

Inherits ScriptDialog.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def AddControl
def closeEvent (self, event)
def EnabledStickySaving (self, settings, iniLocation)

Detailed Description

A convenient dialog class that can be used to create user interfaces for scripts.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def DeadlineScriptDialog.DeadlineScriptDialog.__init__ (   self,
  parent = None 

Member Function Documentation

def DeadlineScriptDialog.DeadlineScriptDialog.AddControl (   self,
  width = -1,
  height = -1,
  tooltip = "" 
Adds a control to the panel.
name: A unique name for the control. If the name is not unique, an error will be thrown.
control: The control type. The options are ButtonControl, ColorControl, DependencyControl, GroupComboControl,
 LabelControl, LimitGroupControl, MachineListControl, MultiLineTextControl, OnJobCompleteControl,
 PasswordControl, PoolComboControl, ReadOnlyTextControl, SecondaryPoolComboControl, SeparatorControl,
 SlaveListControl, and TextControl.
value: The value for the control.
width: The width of the control, or -1 to use the default.
height: The height of the control, or -1 to use the default.
tooltip: A tooltip for the control.
def DeadlineScriptDialog.DeadlineScriptDialog.closeEvent (   self,
Close event. Sticky settings should be saved on close, if an ini file location and some sticky settings have been specified.
def DeadlineScriptDialog.DeadlineScriptDialog.EnabledStickySaving (   self,
Sets the setting names and ini file location for saving sticky settings on close.
settings: A list of control names that we want sticky settings for.
iniLocation: The location of the ini file to save.