Create Cineon Images from EXR Images


You have a linear color .EXR image, and you want to create a Cineon .DPX image from it.


You can use the following script:

import Draft

inFile = '/path/to/input.exr'
outFile = '/path/to/output.dpx'

lut = Draft.LUT.CreateCineon()
img = Draft.Image.ReadFromFile( inFile )
lut.Apply( img )
img.WriteToFile( outFile )


By default, Draft writes linear DPX files. To create a DPX file with Cineon color, we must create a Cineon LUT and apply it to the image before we WriteToFile(). This line creates a Cineon LUT:

lut = Draft.LUT.CreateCineon()

And this line applies the LUT to our image:

lut.Apply( img )