Draft 1.1.0

Draft 1.1.0 is included with Deadline 6.1.54655.

What’s New

New License File Required

Removed Support for Mac OS X 10.5

  • Draft now requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

EXR Images

  • Can now write tiled EXR files (see “Working with Tiled Images”, below).
  • Draft now uses ZIPS (single scanline ZIP) compression when writing scanline EXR files. Previously, Draft used ZIP (16-scanline ZIP) compression instead.

Image Channels

  • Added operations for working with arbitrary Image channels (see “Working with Image Channels”, below).
  • Draft.Image.SetChannel( channel, value ) will now create the specified channel if it does not already exist.
  • Draft no longer adds an ‘A’ (alpha) channel to all images.
  • Now, an image will only have an ‘A’ channel if there was one in the original image, or if you add one yourself by using Draft.Image.SetChannel( ‘A’, 1.0 ).

Error Messages

  • Draft.Image.ReadFromFile() no longer reports warnings as errors.
  • Improved error message when attempting to write movie files using Draft.Image.WriteToFile().

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Draft.VideoEncoder crash with some frame sizes.

Working with Tiled Images

Tile settings are controlled using the new Draft.ImageInfo class:

  • Draft.ImageInfo can be passed to Draft.Image.ReadFromFile( filename, imageInfo ) to retrieve tile settings.
  • Draft.ImageInfo can be passed to Draft.Image.WriteToFile( filename, imageInfo ) to control the tile settings for the written file.

Working with Image Channels

We added or changed the following Draft.Image methods to work with arbitrary Image channels:

  • Draft.Image.CreateImage( width, height, channels )
  • Draft.Image.GetChannelNames()
  • Draft.Image.HasChannel( channel )
  • Draft.Image.Copy( image, left, bottom, channels )
  • Draft.Image.RemoveChannel( channel )
  • Draft.Image.RenameChannel( oldChannel, newChannel )

For a description of these new methods, see the Image class documentation.