License Server Host InformationΒΆ

Our licensing tools use a computer’s host name and Ethernet MAC address to match licenses to a specific machine. When contacting Sales for new or updated licenses, you will need to provide them with this information.

The way we ask you to get this information is to download the Licensing Information Tools and extract them to an accessible local disk location.

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux tools are all used the same way. Once you have the Licensing Information Tools downloaded, extract the files within. Double click to execute the file ‘run me’, this will obtain the information required and store it in the file “license_info.txt” onto your current desktop. If you are on a linux distribution which has no “~/Desktop” folder, you should find it next to the ‘’ script named “hostinfo.txt”.

Once you have your “license_info.txt” or “hostinfo.txt” file, please email it to the Thinkbox Sales team and we will be able to create a new license file.