Product Overview

  • Thinkbox Software’s SEQUOIA is a stand-alone product for point cloud processing and meshing.
  • It is currently available for the Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

SEQUOIA Functionality Overview

  • Accepts point cloud and mesh data in various industry-standard formats.
  • Converts point cloud data into a compact and fast-to-access intermediate cache format (SPRT).
  • Offers intelligent workflows for retaining high-precision data at the least storage cost.
  • Can displays all or a fraction of the point cloud data using adaptive view-dependent methods.
  • Can transform, cull and otherwise modify the point cloud data.
  • Can produce point clouds from mesh surfaces, allowing for a mesh-points-mesh workflow for unifying multiple small parts into a continuous mesh.
  • Can generate a single mesh or multiple mesh segments from one or more point cloud sources.
  • Offers various tools for the optimization and reduction of the produced mesh.
  • Can project images / photographs in various industry-standard file formats onto the points and meshes.
  • Can generate mesh vertex colors, Ptex or UV-based textures from the point cloud colors and/or image projections.
  • Exports the resulting mesh(es) to one of the supported industry-standard mesh file formats.
  • Integrates with Thinkbox Deadline and can perform point cloud data conversion, meshing and export on network nodes under Deadline’s control.

SEQUOIA System Design Highlights

  • The following characteristics lie in the foundation of the system:
  • Asynchronous: SEQUOIA handles user interaction and data processing asynchronously to ensure interactivity even during heavy calculations.
  • Multi-Threaded: SEQUOIA was designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern multi-core systems.
  • Multi-Document: SEQUOIA lets you work on multiple documents at the same time, even side-by-side.
  • Object-Oriented: SEQUOIA uses specialized Object types that can be connected in flexible ways to perform the point data loading, transforming, filtering, and meshing.
  • Auto-Caching: SEQUOIA will automatically cache data like the results of a meshing calculation and can access it later without additional processing, even from multiple documents.
  • Out-Of-Core: SEQUOIA can process data successfully even if the data does not fit in system memory.