If you’re new to AWS Portal we recommend starting here. If you’re new to Deadline we recommend starting here.

Starting a Remote Connection Server

In this section, we will start the Deadline Remote Connection Server (RCS). The AWS Portal requires an RCS to communicate with your Deadline Repository.

Installing the Remote Connection Server

The RCS is installed using the Deadline Client installer. We recommend that you enable the ‘Remote Connection Server’ option when you install the Deadline Client on the machine that you will use to run the RCS.

Starting the Remote Connection Server

If you enabled the ‘Remote Connection Server’ option when you installed the Deadline Client, then you can start the RCS by choosing the ‘Launch Remote Connection Server’ option in the Deadline Launcher.


Otherwise, start the RCS by running the deadlinercs application.

Next Step

Now that you have an RCS running, you can configure the AWS Portal.