If you’re new to AWS Portal we recommend starting here. If you’re new to Deadline we recommend starting here.

Installing The Deadline Client for AWS Portal


If you’re looking for the normal Deadline Client installation documentation, it can be found here.

Where do I need to install it?

The Deadline Client must be installed on all machines that will be used to submit render jobs to Deadline. The Deadline Client must also be installed on any machines that will be used to administrate Deadline. The Deadline Client must also be installed on the machines that will be running the following when using AWS Portal:

  • The AWS Portal Asset Server

  • The AWS Portal Link Server

  • The Remote Connection Server

How do I install it?

Full documentation for installing the Deadline Client can be found here.

A new feature in Deadline 10 is the option to configure the Remote Connection Server inside the Client installer. This is enabled by checking ‘Remote Connection Server’ on the ‘Select Components’ page of the installer.


We recommend enabling this option on the machine that you will use to run the Deadline Remote Connection Server. On all platforms, this option will add a new Launcher menu item to start the Remote Connection Server. On Windows, this option will also add a namespace reservation for your Remote Connection Server.


If your Deadline Repository has Secrets Management Enabled, you MUST have TLS (HTTPS) enabled on your Remote Connection Server.


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