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AWS Portal Infrastructure Fails To Start

What Went Wrong

The AWS Portal Infrastructure is failing to start and is displaying the DELETE_FAILED status.

Figuring Out What Went Wrong

  1. Open the AWS Management Console.

  2. Go to Services > CloudFormation

  3. Click the Main Infrastructure stack. This will be the one with just the Stack Name and no region after it.

  4. Open the Events tab at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Look for the CREATE_FAILED event.

  6. The Status Reason column in the row with the CREATE_FAILED event will have the reason why your Infrastructure failed to create.


VPC Limit Reached

You will get this Status Reason if you have reached your maximum number of VPCs for the region your in. You will either need to delete the other VPCs or request to have your limit increased.

API: s3:PutBucketTagging Access Denied

If you are using Deadline 10.1.7 or earlier we recommend updating to benefit from managed policies. If you can’t update please make sure your IAM policy is up to date.