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AWS Portal Server Installer Failed

What Went Wrong

An error occured while installing AWS Portal Server.

Figuring Out What Went Wrong

You can find the installer logs in the following locations:

Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\bitrock_installer.log
Linux: /tmp/bitrock_installer.log


If you have installed AWS Portal Server more than once there may be one or multiple log files that look like bitrock_installer_1234.log. The log file with the biggest number at the end is the most recent one.


  1. If you have uninstalled a previous version of aws portal you may need to go to the installation location of AWSPortalAssetServer and AWSPortalLink, and manually delete any .pyc files that persisted.

  2. Ensure that username and password that you provide during the installation of both AWS Portal Link and AWS Asset Server are both correct.


    On Windows it’s required that you provide the domain of the username in the form of domain\username. If you don’t know the domain of your current user you find this out by running whoami on the Windows Command Prompt.

  3. Ensure that both the AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key that you provided during the installation of AWS Asset Server are correct. If you have lost your Secret Key for your account, you can create a new one by opening the AWS Management Console and going to Services > IAM > Users > Select your Admin user > Security Credentials > Create access key.

  4. Outbound traffic to required AWS endpoints may be blocked. Below are the endpoints that are required to be open for AWS Portal to function properly.


    Where <region> is the region you intend to run in. If you intend to use multiple regions you will also need to open endpoints for those regions as well. Further Reading on AWS endpoints.

  5. Ensure that AWS Billing is setup on your AWS account. You can check this by opening the AWS Management Console and going to Services > Billing > Payment Methods.