A Draft.Timecode is used to embed on write and extract on read a timecode in a DPX or EXR image file or in a video file.

Implementation Details

A Timecode object stores the hours, the minutes, the seconds and the frame associated to a timecode as described in SMPTE standard. In addition, a flag indicating whether the Timecode object represents a non-drop frame or a drop frame timecode is stored.

A Timecode is created using a string with format hh:mm:ss:ff for non-drop frame timecode and hh:mm:ss;ff for drop frame timecode, where hh indicates the hours in the range [0..23], mm the minutes in the range [0..59], ss the seconds in the range [0..59] and ff the frame in the range [0..59].

In the case of a DPX or EXR image file, a Draft.ImageInfo can be used to embed or to extract a Timecode. In the case of a video file, the Timecode to be embedded can be specified when creating a Draft.VideoEncoder and a Draft.VideoDecoder has a timecode property that can be used to extract the embedded timecode.