Embed a Timecode in an Image File


You want to embed a timecode in an image file.


import Draft

# Read an image from file
image = Draft.Image.ReadFromFile( '//path/to/in.dpx' )

# Create a Draft.Timecode object
timecode = Draft.Timecode( '12:40:10:15' )

# Create a Draft.ImageInfo object and set the timecode property
imageInfo = Draft.ImageInfo()
imageInfo.timecode = timecode

# Write the image back to file
image.WriteToFile( '//path/to/out.dpx', imageInfo )


In the above example, we decided to embed a timecode in a DPX image file. Alternatively, it is possible to embed a timecode in an EXR image file. Note that those two file formats are the only one for which embedding a timecode is possible. The line:

timecode = Draft.Timecode( '12:40:10:15' )

creates a Timecode object representing a non-drop frame timecode. It is also possible to create a timecode representing a drop frame timecode using the following notation:

timecode = Draft.Timecode( '12:40:10;15' )

Once you have created a valid Timecode object, you need to create a ImageInfo object and set its timecode property in the following way:

imageInfo = Draft.ImageInfo()
imageInfo.timecode = timecode

Finally, you add the imageInfo as an additional parameter when the file is written to file:

image.WriteToFile( '//path/to/out.dpx', imageInfo )

Alternatively, you can retrieve a timecode previously embedded into an image file using:

imageInfo = Draft.ImageInfo()
image = Draft.Image.ReadFromFile( '//path/to/in.exr', imageInfo )
timecode = imageInfo.timecode

See Also

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