Draft 1.2.3

Draft 1.2.3 is included with Deadline

This version of Draft will not work with Deadline 6 or earlier.

What’s New

New License File Required


  • Updated Windows builds for compatibility with Deadline 7’s installer (updated from VC90 to VC100 runtime library).
  • Updated Python compatibility to 2.7.
  • Updated simple_slate_h264_burnins_with_proxy.py and simple_slate_h264_with_proxy.py sample scripts so that they work properly with Deadline 7.
  • Scripts written for previous versions of Draft should still work fine with Draft 1.2.

Encoding and Decoding Video

  • Updated FFmpeg to version 2.3.
  • Added support for webm files: vp8 video codec, vorbis audio.


  • Use config.ocio and ColorSpaces / Roles to create OCIO color processors for color correcting images.
  • Create OCIO color processors directly from your favourite LUT files... see http://opencolorio.org/FAQ.html for the full list of LUT formats supported.
  • New OCIO lut sample script in the samples directory.


  • A fully standard-compliant implementation of ASC CDL LUTs. (The clamping steps in OCIO’s ASC CDL implementation is not currently standard-compliant.)
  • New ASC CDL sample script in the samples directory.


  • Draft now supports unicode filenames and text annotations.
  • Note: We need to modify the DraftParamParser.py library so that unicode strings aren’t mangled in the Deadline / Draft boundary, but once they’re in, Draft handles them properly.

Licensing Improvements

  • Draft licences are now more flexible. Most Draft features require only that a license be present. Actual checkout of licensees now happens only while videos are being encoded or decoded.
  • “Lost connection to license server” no longer pops up dialog boxes on Windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when encoding movie with audio.
  • Improved error messages when trying to open an exr file that isn’t there.
  • Fixed error messages so they no longer appear as “unidentifiable C++ exception” in Mac OS 10.8.