Draft 1.3.2

Draft 1.3.2 is included with Deadline

This version of Draft will not work with Deadline 6 or earlier.

What’s New

New License File Required


  • Scripts written for previous versions of Draft should still work fine with Draft 1.3.

EXR Images

  • Added support for EXR data and display windows (previously data windows were set to the same size as the display windows).
  • Updated to OpenEXR 2.2.0.

LUT Support

  • Added ACES 1.0 LUTs to the included ocio-configs folder.
  • Improved the robustness of the Draft ASCCDL Reader. The reader can now handle different syntax in its input file.

Draft Tile Assembler

  • Added support for assembling big images by exposing a new class in Python called TileAssembler. Most of the logic of an assembly job can now be handled internally.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when encoding an image with VideoEncoder. The VideoEncoder was applying a bit of scaling to the image.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac OS X when encoding with certain dimensions (ie: 640 x 480) was causing a memory error crash.