Error: -96 System Error: 11004 “Comm. error”


Flex is unable to look up the hostname.


If the hostname specified in the licensing path has incorrect characters in it, Flex won’t be able to look it up. Specifically, system error 11004 on Windows is a DNS lookup problem. This normally happens because the license path was specified as “@host:port” instead of as “port@host”.


You will need to find where you set this value and change it so that the host name is valid. Usually this is set within the application, and sometimes within the registry or environment variables. Check out Setting License Paths for ways to modify these paths.

Solution: In general, you should just need to change the format so that the host name contains only letters and numbers, and that the port number is specified before the ‘@’ symbol, and the hostname after. For example, '27000@NCC1701E‘.