Multiple License Servers Listed:


Too many License Servers in the sea for just one, Deadline can be very social at times! When looking for a license server, Deadline likes to checkout all the options on the network before settling down with the last one.


When checking out path variables and license servers available, no matter what license server is currently valid, Deadline will append each (in the order it found them) to the license file.

Deadline, that social butterfly, will then only talk to the very last server listed. If the last entry is not the correct server, Deadline will send errors to the license server log.

If your license server log shows multiple addresses in the License path, this is definitely an issue. See an example below:

2015-02-06 10:00:00:  License path:  28050@;28050@;28050@;


Solution 1: To verify only one path is specified, check the location(s) this can be set:

Solution 2: If only one server path is ever entered and you still see multiple addresses in the log, you could have a sneaky license server running wild on the network. Once found, a quick uninstall should fix this issue.

If you have followed the above steps and still have multiple servers showing up, please contact Thinkbox Technical Support.