Got NIC Teaming?


NIC Teaming can cause a new MAC address to show up, which no longer matches your license.


When NIC Teaming is set up, the network gives the bundle a new MAC address, which can cause issues with our licensing!

To make it even better, upon a reboot of the licensing server, Windows likes to hand out a new MAC address for the teamed group all over again.

As you probably do not want to open a ticket every time the server is turned off and on again, we have some more efficient solutions.


Solution 1: If you have an extra unused NIC, plug this guy into the licensing server and leave it active.

This way it is not attached to the teamed NICs, and therefore will not have the fun of ever changing MAC addressing.

Another nice benefit is you can move this unused NIC to any device you want the license server to run on, without effecting your licensing file.

Solution 2: This solution you will need to purchase a WiFi enabled USB dongle, so try solution one first. A simple solution to NIC teaming or upgrading hardware causing new MAC addressing, is to lock your license to a USB WiFi enabled dongle.

When you lock the license to a WiFi enabled USB, and the hardware needs to be changed you can; unplug the USB, move to the new hardware, and Ta Da! the MAC address still matches! The USB does not need to be used in any sort of actual network transfer, but must be plugged in and enabled.

Note if you acquire a WiFi enabled USB that has storage, you can store your licensing file on it as well, to keep it all nice and neat. For both solutions it mentions the ability to move to different hardware. This will only work if either the hostname on the replacement server stays the same, or if you have asked sales to give a wildcard hostname.