Data Cache Dialog

  • The Data Cache dialog is accessed via the Main Menu > Options > Data Cache Options... menu item.
  • It lets you customize the memory usage of SEQUOIA, including the Data Caching and Out Of Core memory managemen.

The Data Cache

  • SEQUOIA will attempt to cache any results of long data processing like point and mesh data.
  • When an Object is being updated and all its relevant parameters match an existing Cache record, the cached data will be loaded instaneneously instead of performing a lengthly calculation again.

The Out Of Core Memory Manager

  • When certain operations like point data file conversion require more memory than is available in the system RAM, SEQUOIA will use the hard disk drives to extend the memory space.
  • While this is slower than using Physical Memory, it is significantly more efficient than relying on the OS Swap File.



Max.Size (% of Physical Memory)

  • Defines the maximum amount of physical memory expressed as Percentage to use for Data Caching.
  • If set to 0, no Data Caching will be performed.

Current Size

  • This field displays the current memory usage of the Data Cache.

Physical Memory

  • This field displays the currently available Physical Memory to consider when calculating the Percentage.

Out Of Core Size (% of Physical Memory)

  • Defines the memory threshold for using Out Of Core calculations vs. In Core.
  • When the the memory requirements of the task exceed this threshold, Out Of Core calculations will be performed.

Out Of Core Workspace Files

  • The list shows the workspace files and their paths to be used by the Out Of Core memory manager.
  • New workspace files can be added by clicking the [Add...] button to pick a file name and path on a fast HDD or SSD drive.
  • Existing entries can be removed by selecting from the list and pressing the [Remove] button.
[R] Consider using the fastest local drive for Out Of Core memory management.