Keyboard Shortcuts Customization

  • Most SEQUOIA operations accessible through the menus and toolbar icons can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts.
  • To open the “Map Keyboard Bindings” dialog, use the Main Menu > Options > Keyboard Bindings menu item:
  • To locate a specific command, either scroll through the list, or type a part of its name in the text field on top of the dialog.
  • To assign a new shortcut to a command, select the command from the list, then press the keyboard key(s) you want to assign to it while the Shortcut > Key Sequence text field has focus.
  • To clear all shortcuts assigned to the currently selected command, press the [Clear] button.
  • To reset the shortcuts of the currently selected command to the factory defaults, press the [Reset] button.
  • To restore all factory defaults of all commands, press the [Restore Defaults] button.
  • To load previously saved bindings from disk, press the [Load Bindings] button and pick an existing .SKB file.
  • To save the currently assigned shortcuts to an .SKB file, press the [Save Bindings] button.
  • To close the dialog, press the [OK] button.
  • All keyboard shortcuts assigned via the dialog will become active immediately and will show up in relevant menus.

For example,

  • Open the Map Keyboard Bindings dialog via the Options menu (see above).
  • In the Search field on top of the dialog, enter key to search for the Keyboard Bindings action item.
  • Click with the mouse inside the “Key Sequence (Press shortcut)” text field to bring it into focus - a blue outline will be drawn around the control when it is in focus.
  • Press CTRL and K to define a new shortcut for opening the “Map Keyboard Bindings” dialog - however, a warning will appear telling you that shortcut is already assigned.
  • Press CTRL, SHIFT and K to define a new shortcut for opening the “Map Keyboard Bindings” dialog - this time the new shortcut will be listed to the right of the command.
  • Press [OK] to close the dialog
  • Open the Main Menu > Options menu again - the new shortcut will be listed on the right side of the menu item!