Sequoia v1.0.27

  • Minor update on February 5th, 2016
  • No new license version required.

New Features

  • Added support for Riegl .RDB v1.x files (3D files only).

Changes To Existing Features

  • Double-Clicking an object in the Document Explorer will now perform Zoom Extents in the Viewport.
  • Made the Reduction operator used by the Mesher to implement the Simplify UI option visible in the Document Explorer. All “internal” operators can be reordered and even deleted. If an operator is requested again via the Mesher’s UI, it will be recreated automatically.
  • When the file name in a Mesh Loader does not contain a Hacksaw partition signature, the option to Load Partitions will now be greyed out.
  • Various scripting improvements.

Bug Fixes

Point Loader

  • Fixed an error when loading certain versions of LAS files.
  • The Point Loader Scanner rollout did not refresh its title to reflect the rollout’s content, this has been fixed.

Point ROI

  • When creating a Point ROI and connecting it to an existing Point ROI, the new object will match the gizmo box of the existing one.


  • Fixed the Hacksaw feature which was reporting failure when the region contained no points. The process used to produce correct results (with no mesh files saved for the empty regions). After the fix, no errors will be reported and empty meshes will be saved.

Viewport Display

  • Measure Gizmo labels could be misplaced when the Gizmo was behind the camera. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect Z-sorting of Point Loader Voxel boxes in Orthographic views.
  • Fixed the transform gizmos display not to occlude the viewport when the view coincides with the object being transformed (e.g. Camera, Image Projection etc.)


  • Fixed a subtle bug where selecting a Marker in a scene where it is used by an Image Projection would lock the Object Properties panel to the Marker.
  • Fixed the Transform Panel display of Bookmark Nodes to display the Bookmark’s Name instead of its ID.
  • Fixed the editing of an ImageProjection object’s name to update the Document Explorer immediately. Previously, a click in the viewport was required to refesh.
  • Fixed a regression that was causing some invalid object choices to display in a Point ROI’s Add... dialog.
  • When all errors are dismissed in the Task Manager, the ERROR link in the bottom right corner of the UI will now go away automatically.
  • Fixed the mouse wheel scrolling which was affecting the Camera even after disabling the Viewport/Camera Lock.

Animation Saver

  • Fixed the Animation Saver to correctly synchronize Mesher and animated points.
  • Fixed a bug in the Animation Saver which caused a crash when saving an image sequence from a scene with an Image Projection.
  • Fixed a bug in the Animation Saver where the first few frames were saving with the wrong background.
  • Fixed a bug in the Animation Saver related to Image Projections where the Occlusion option was being ignored
  • Fixed a bug in the Animation Saver where an animated Camera was affecting the Image Projection settings.

Auto Update System

  • Fixed the Cull By Normal checkbutton in the Mesher to trigger an auto-update when Use Auto Update is enabled.
  • Fixed auto-update to be triggered when adding/removing/enabling/disabling operator.
  • When point display or mesh display is disabled in the viewport, objects of the respective types will not be auto-updated anymore. Manually hidden objects were not updating already.

Sequoia v1.0.22

  • Minor update on December 18th, 2015
  • No new license version required.

New Features

  • Added a new “DontUseNativeDialog” option to the sequoia_constants.json / Configuration dialog.
    • When unchecked (default), the OS’ native file dialog will be used for all file I/O operations.
    • When checked, the Qt file dialog will be used instead.
    • This option can be used on systems where the file dialog causes the application to freeze.

Bug Fixes


  • The Windows installer is now correctly signed by Thinkbox Software.

Mac OS X Specific

  • Fixed the Workflow Wizard window which was not showing up in the Mac OS X build.


  • Switching between Documents was not preserving the object selection. This has been fixed.
  • Saving and reloading a Document will now correctly preserve the active viewport’s settings (point size, opacity, point and mesh limits etc.)
  • Saving and reloading a Document will now correctly preserve the Display settings of Point Loader, Mesher and Mesh Loader (Color Channel, Channel Scale, Use Lighting etc.)


  • Saving a Top Viewport image with Home Grid turned off will not show the Grid in the image anymore.

Point Loader

  • Some operators like “Normals From Scanner Position” were causing LOD display issues when updating the display in the Viewport. This has been fixed.
  • The “Export Points In Object Space” dialog was using the name of the last Operator as the proposed file name. This has been fixed.
  • Attempting to export or cache an empty point file was causing an error. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed occasional errors when updating the Point Loader.

Point Region Of Interest

  • Fixed the ROI gizmo handles display at extreme zoom.
  • Fixed the ROI gizmo handles display when the Measure gizmo is also enabled.

Point Surface

  • Point Surface now works correctly with OBJ files containing quads.


  • The initial quality of the Mesher’s output has been improved to prevent overlapping and very skinny faces and the related shading artefacts.
  • The quality of the optimized mesh produced by the Mesh Reduction operator has been improved to avoid overlapping faces and the related shading artefacts.


  • An error in a Hacksaw subtask used to prevent the removal of the master task from the Task Manager. This has been fixed.

Image Projection

  • Ortho Image Projections were not displaying in the Viewports on creation. This has been fixed.
  • Modulate Opacity > By Normal mode was broken in Ortho mode. This has been fixed.

Import Mesh Files Dialog

  • The Load Partitions column was showing incorrect checkbox states taken from the Autoload property. This has been fixed.

Sequoia v1.0.1

  • Initial release on December 1st, 2015