Installing The Sequoia Plugin For Deadline


  • SEQUOIA ships with a dedicated plugin for Thinkbox Software’s DEADLINE network compute management solution.
  • It allows point file format conversion, point cloud meshing and Hacksaw distributed meshing to be processed on network or cloud machines
  • SEQUOIA will run in so-called “headless” mode (a.k.a. command-line mode) without launcing the User Interface.
  • When in this mode, SEQUOIA will require a Network Processing license instead of a full Workstation license.
  • Note that DEADLINE offers a two-node license-free mode at no cost.

Manual Installation

  • Currently, you must manually copy the SEQUOIA plugin folder into the DEADLINE Repository.

To install the SEQUOIA plugin for Deadline:

  • Go to the folder where SEQUOIA was installed.
    • On Windows, the default installation folder is “C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Sequoia\”
    • On Mac OSX, the default installation folder is “/Applications/Thinkbox/Sequoia/”
  • Locate the sub-folder “deadline” and go in - you will find a sub-folder called “plugins”.
  • Copy the “plugins” folder.
  • Navigate to the location of your Deadline Repository.
  • Paste the “plugins” folder into the Deadline Repository root.
  • Confirm that you want to copy “plugins” into “plugins” and overwrite if any sub-folders exist.

  • If you installed SEQUOIA in the default directory on your network nodes, you are done - the plugin is pre-set to look for the executable at the default location.
  • Otherwise, you will need to set up the SEQUOIA executable path.

Customizing The Executable Path

  • Open the Deadline Monitor application.
  • Go to Tools menu and enable Super User Mode.
  • Go to Tools and select the menu item Configure Plugins.
  • Select “Sequoia” from the list of plugins on the left side.
  • Add the SEQUOIA executable’s actual path to the list of Sequoia Executables.
    • If different render nodes have SEQUOIA installed at different paths, add all of them.
  • Close the “Configure Plugins” dialog by pressing OK.