Selecting Objects

  • There are several ways to select an object from the current Active Document:

Viewport Left Mouse Button Click

  • Left-Click on an object in the Viewport to select. The new selection will replace the old selection.
  • Hold the SHIFT key to add the new object to the existing selection.
  • Clicking an already selected object while holding SHIFT will remove it from the selection.

Viewport Right-Click Menu

  • Right-Click over one or more scene objects and move the mouse over the left-most icon to display a list of all objects under the mouse cursor at the time of the Right-Click.
  • You can click one object on the list to replace the selection, or hold SHIFT to add/remove to/from the current selection without affecting the other objects’ selected state.

Document Explorer

  • The Document Explorer panel is located by default in the upper right corner of the UI above the Object Properties Panel.
  • It lets you select any object from any document, not just from the current Active Document:
    • Left-Click the object name in the Document Explorer.
    • Hold down the Left Mouse Button and drag to select multiple objects in one sweep.
    • Hold down the CTRL key and Left-Click individual objects to add/remove from the selection.
    • Hold down the SHIFT key and Left-Click the first and last objects to select a range.
    • Double-Click the object name in the Document Explorer to both select and Zoom Extents (Focus) on the object in the viewport (v1.0.27 and higher)

Double-Click In A Source List

  • Some Objects like Point Region Of Interest and Mesher provide a list of Source Objects.
  • Double-clicking an Object’s name in the Source List will automatically select the respective Source Object, effectively navigating “up” the node graph.