Error: -9 Invalid host


The hostID being used in the license file does not match the MAC address of the machine running the license server.


License manager is out of date, or there is a miss match for the hostname and/or MAC address, with what is entered in the license file.


License manger version too old

If your license server is not showing in the log file as “FlexNet Licensing v11.12.0.0” or newer, we would recommend running our license installers or upgrading your license server manually. There will be better results from the newer versions with multi MAC address machines and other possible conflicts.

Thinkbox Deadline v7.0 requires at least Flexlm v11.12 to operate correctly.

Incorrect information provided

Solution: We would ask that you go through the machine info process and send over the resulting file. Once we have that, we can correct any issues and re-issue your license.