Analytics Capture


  • SEQUOIA can collect and transmit usage analytics data to Thinkbox Software.
  • The data is anonymous and cannot be used to identify or contact the user.
  • It can be used to improve the quality of the software.

Disabling The Dialog

  • The checkbox Show This Dialog On Startup is checked by default.
    • When checked, the dialog will keep on appearing on every SEQIOIA startup.
    • When unchecked, the dialog will stop appearing and the last answer will be respected.
  • Once you have selected your answer to the consent question, it is recommended to uncheck the checkbox to stop displaying the dialog on every launch.

Re-Enabling The Dialog

  • To re-enable the dialog on startup, or change the consent answer, you can invoke the same dialog via the SEQUOIA Options menu > ANALYTICS Capture Settings... menu item at any time.