Point Operators

  • The following operators can be connected only to Point Loader objects to generate new data.
  • They cannot be connected to Point Region Of Interest objects.

Point Normal Generation

  • This operator generates a Normal channel based on the distribution of points in the Point Cloud.
  • The following property is exposed to the UI:

Radius value and slider

  • Defines the search radius for neighbor points.
  • Default is 5.0.

Normal From Scanner Position

  • This operator generates a Normal channel based on ScannerPosition metadata and related ScannerIndex per-point data (if available).
  • The resulting unit vector will point from the Point’s Position at the Scanner’s Position, defining a line-of-sight direction instead of an actual surface normal.
  • This can be used for culling the faces of a mesh that are pointing in the opposite direction.
  • It exposes no properties.