Camera Object

  • The Camera object lets you create and play back viewport animations.

Camera Rollout

Name Field

  • The Name field shows the name of the selected object.
  • The name is generated automatically in the form CameraNNN, where NNN is an integer padded to 3 digits, starting and 1 and incremented with each new Camera creation.
  • The name can be edited by the user to better describe the purpose/function of the object.

Viewport Settings

Go To Camera Button

  • Pressing this button will align the active Viewport to the Camera.

Set Camera To Current View Button

  • Pressing this button will align the Camera to the active Viewport.

Lock Viewport To Camera Checkbutton

  • When checked, the Active Viewport will be locked to the Camera.
  • The lock is bi-directional - transforming or animating the Camera will update the viewport, navigating the Viewport will update the Camera.

Create Bookmark Button

  • Pressing this button will create a Bookmark from the current Camera position and orientation.