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Originally, the Spot Fleet Request JSON Dictionary configuration had to be created exclusively using the AWS Management Console’s EC2 Service > Spot Requests section.

A scripted utility for configuring the Spot Event Plugin’s Spot Fleet Requests is available in Deadline v10.1.14 and higher.

Accessing The Utility

The Spot Event Configuration Utility can be accessed through the Scripts menu, under Configuration.


Using The Utility

The configuration dialog uses the existing configurations as a starting point.

If the Spot Event Plugin has already been configured on your system, the dialog will use your existing credentials and configurations.

The dialog displayes a list of all existing configurations, and offers option to edit or create new configurations.


To edit, double-click on a row, or right-click a row and select an Open In… option.

There are three modes of configuration creation. They all let you pick a Deadline Group and optional Deadline Pools as defined in your Deadline setup:

  1. Quick Create

    The Quick Create dialog will display a subset of the options visible in the AWS Management Console.
    Select the desired options and the dialog will automatically generate the correct JSON configuration.

    When using the Quick Create dialog, you can search for AMIs by the AMI name, or the AMI id.

  2. Advanced Create
    This mode allows you to directly copy a configuration from the AWS Management Console without needing to manually edit in the group name.
    The Advanced Create dialog will also validate the configuration, giving you instant feedback whether there are issues with it.
  3. Create From Launch Template
    This mode allows you to select an existing EC2 Launch Template from your AWS account.


    Note that you must add the following key/value pair as a Tag in the Launch template for it to work properly with the Resource Tracker:


    Not adding this Tag will cause the termination of your instances as unhealthy by the Resource Tracker if it is running!