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When configuring the Spot Event Plugin, it is essential to determine how you are going to configure the Spot Workers to connect to the Deadline Repository.


You can configure Deadline in one of two major ways:

Configure Deadline at AMI Creation

You can manually configure the connection to the Deadline Repository when initially creating the AMI.
This can be done either when you run the Deadline installer, or by modifying the deadline.ini configuration file.

Configure Deadline at Instance Launch

You can run shell scripts when the instance starts by using the Spot Fleet Request’s User data.
Using this script, you can modify the deadline.ini configuration file of the instance so it can connect.

User Data Example

An example of User data for connecting to a Remote Connection Server:

source "/etc/profile.d/"
"$DEADLINE_COMMAND" -SetIniFileSetting KeepWorkerRunning True
"$DEADLINE_COMMAND" -SetIniFileSetting LaunchSlaveAtStartup True
"$DEADLINE_COMMAND" -SetIniFileSetting ProxyUseSSL false
"$DEADLINE_COMMAND" -ChangeRepository Proxy
service deadline10launcher restart