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A Spot Fleet Request defines a collection of Spot instances and the parameters with which they will be launched.

The Spot Event Plugin uses a separate Spot Fleet Request for each Deadline Group.


In order to work with Deadline, a Spot Fleets Request must be set to Maintain target capacity mode which allows the scaling of the Fleet in and out,
and the Total target capacity of the Spot Fleet Request must be set to the maximum number of Workers that may be started for that Fleet.

Creating the Spot Fleet Requests

To create a Spot Fleet Request via the AWS Management Console:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

  2. Click on Services at the top of the AWS Management Console, then click on EC2 under Compute.

  3. In the EC2 panel, click Spot Requests in the sidebar under Instances, then click the Request Spot Instances button.

  4. Select Flexible Workflows to allow instances of any size in any Availability Zone to be launched.

  5. Select a Launch template for your AMI if you have created one (optional). Otherwise select the AMI that you created.


    Note that you must add the following key/value pair as a Tag in the Launch template for it to work properly with the Resource Tracker:


    Not adding this Tag will cause the termination of your instances as unhealthy by the Resource Tracker if it is running!
  6. Set Auto-assign IPv4 public IP to Enable

  7. Set the IAM Instance Profile to the “DeadlineSpot*” IAM instance Profile you created earlier.

  8. Set the Total target capacity value to the maximum number of Workers you would like in your Spot Fleet, and enable Maintain target capacity.

  9. Set the IAM Fleet Role if you created a new one, otherwise leave it at its default.

  10. If you would like to perform any custom setup when your instance starts up, you can add a User data script. See Render Farm Connectivity.

  11. Download the Fleet Configuration by pressing the JSON Config button at the bottom of the page.


See the Spot Fleet Request Configurations topic for an example JSON configuration.


In Deadline 10.1.14 and higher, the Spot Event Configuration Utility can be used to create and modify Spot Fleet Requests based on the ones created via the AWS Management Console.