Cloud Plugins


As we continue to evolve Deadline’s cloud integration, we have decided that we have reached the point where we can no longer provide a reasonable level of support for the Balancer and the Deadline Monitor’s Cloud panel.

Starting with Deadline version 10.1.4, we began deprecating the Balancer and the Cloud panel, as well as the five supporting Cloud Plugins that work with these features (Amazon, Azure, Google, OpenStack, and vCenter).
  • The five cloud plugins are no longer included in Deadline 10.1.6 and higher.

  • The Balancer and Monitor Cloud panel will be removed in a Q1 2021 release.

We recognize that this is a disruptive change for those that use these features, and we ask that you contact Thinkbox Support so that we can assist you in migrating to a supported workflow.

The following Cloud Plugins shipped with Deadline out of the box. Click here for more information on how Cloud Plugins work: