Layout Menu

  • The Layout menu lets you
    • Save the current layout as a preset,
    • Load a saved layout from disk,
    • Reset to the layout to the startup (factory) defaults
    • Toggle the automatic saving of any layout changes when exiting the application.

LOAD Layout...

  • Select this menu option to open a file dialog and load a previously saved layout preset from disk.
  • SEQUOIA layout files are in a binary format and have extension .layout.
  • Only valid SEQUOIA .layout files can be loaded, any other files will be rejected.

SAVE Layout...

  • Select this menu option to open a file saving dialog and save the current layout to disk.
  • Enter a descriptive name and press the [Save] button to save, or [Cancel] to abort the saving.

RESTORE Default Layout

  • Selecting this menu option will restore the factory layour in the current session.
  • If the option to AUTO-SAVE Layout is checked, existing the application will store these changes and the next session will also start with a default layout.

AUTO-SAVE Layout on Exit

  • This is a toggle and it is off by default.
  • When checked, the layout changes will be saved when SEQUOIA is closed, and will be reloaded in the next session as the startup layout.
  • When unchecked, the layout will not be saved when existing SEQUOIA and new sessions will start with the default factory layout.