Draft 1.5.5 Documentation


Draft is a lightweight compositing and video processing tool designed to automate typical post-render tasks. It is implemented as a Python library, which exposes functionality for use in python scripts. Draft is designed to be tightly integrated with Deadline, but it can also be used as a standalone tool.


Basic Operations

The basic operations cover the basics of Draft and what you will see in most Draft scripts. Things like creating an image and doing some simple text annotations are covered here, as well as how to setup a video encoder to create a video file.

Advanced Operations

These operations target an audience that is already comfortable with writing Draft scripts.

Deadline Integration

The Deadline section focusses specifically on how to connect your Draft scripts to Deadline and how to take advantage of things like custom parameters and Deadline Job meta-data.

Color Operations

This section focuses on color management within Draft and how to manipulate color spaces.