Log Window Panel

  • The Log Panel is used by the Sequoia system to report progress, error, statistics and debug messages to the user and the developers.
  • The Log Panel has only one Global Instance.
  • It is closed by default in the default startup layout.

Opening The Log Panel

  • To open the Log Panel global instance, select the Main Menu > Panels > LOG - Display Global Panel menu item.
  • The Log Panel will dock by default as a second tab next to the Task Manager Panel.
  • It can be docked anywhere else in the UI, or floated independently.

Setting The Log Level

  • The Log Level controls what kinds of information will be displayed in the Log Panel.
  • The Log Level defines a limit, allowing all lower levels to be included, for example the “Warnings” level also includes to lower “Errors” level.
  • By default, the Log Level will be set to “Stats”.
  • The current Log Level can be set via the checkbox items in the []> Options Menu .
  • The following Log Levels are available:
  • None - the Log is disabled, no messages will be logged.
  • Error - only Error messages will be displayed. Error messages are prefixed by “ERR:” and are displayed in Red by default .
  • Warnings - only Errors and Warnings will be displayed. Warning messages are prefixed by “WRN:” and are displayed in Yellow by default .
  • Progress - only Errors, Warnings and Progress messages will be displayed. Progress messages are prefixed by “PRG:” and are displayed in Green by default.
  • Stats - Errors, Warnings, Progress and Stats messages will be displayed. Stats messages are prefixed by “STS:” and are displayed in White by default.
  • Debug - all messages including Debug prints meant mostly for the Sequoia Developers will be displayed. Debug messages are prefixed by “DBG:” and are displayed in Cyan by default.
  • All Log Level message colors can be customized by editing the sequoia_colors.JSON file in the root folder of the application.

Exporting The Log To A File

  • The Log is currently not stored on disk and its content will be lost after the SEQUOIA session is closed.
  • To preserve the Log in a file on disk, the []> Options menu provides the EXPORT Log to File option.

Clearing The Log

  • To clear the content of the Log Panel, use the CLEAR Log menu item from the []> Options menu.
  • If the content of the Log was not saved to disk manually, it will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Copying Log Messages

  • To copy one or more lines from the Log, select with the mouse and press CTRL+C, or Right-Click and select Copy from the context menu.
  • To copy the whole Log content, press CTRL+A for Select All, or Right-Click and pick Select All from the context menu, then use CTRL+C or the Copy item from the context menu to copy into the clipboard.